An Independent Physician Association in the USA needs the ability to make calls to patients on different cases, e.g. it's to set up a follow up appointment with a doctor (Primary Care Physician) after the Hospital admission or check if a patient has ordered the medications at time. The Call Center is incorporated in the ERP system and provides the ability to build joints with other apps via API.
Product Manager
  • Conducting interviews and CustDev with stakeholders
  • Defining Feature requests
  • Created Product MVP: use cases, customer journey, mockups, specs, road map, backlog
  • Managed the product design process: user interaction, information architecture, visual elements, UX/UI review
  • Deliverables to the stakeholders
      • The application went live in November 2019 for a team of Health Coaches
      • More than 20 000 patients in Florida (USA) have got post-hospital discharge health care via the Call Center
      • Social impact: The app was being vastly used in medical adherence procedures in Florida (USA) during the COVID-19 quarantine to provide elderly people with necessary medications
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